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Bernard Albert Donaldson is the primary antagonist in SamJoe404's videos, and the main antagonist in three MSSEAS seasons (including the pilot Season 0). He is the oldest and most sinister of the B Gang. He was first mentioned in SamJoe reads errors and signs (S0E9) and first appeared in S0E10, where he was seen in SamJoe's memory bullying Francisco. In MSreas, he was first mentioned in S1E2, and his first appearance was in S1E3.

Bernard is a generic local school bully. He is very prideful in himself, and cannot take a loss. He is obsessed with revenge. He also likes Doritos, and is a big fan of AFV (America’s Funniest Videos)

His interests eventually clashed with Microsoft Sam's, leading to the two fighting against each other. Bernard lost, and has been trying to get revenge ever since.

Bernard's main element of attack is Fire, with his signature attack being Sesame Fire. He also possesses an "Instant Death Lazer Cannon", which is his strongest attack. He received some shrink laser upgrades for this cannon, allowing him to downsize his targets to around a tenth of their size. (This plays a central role in MSSEAS Season 5.) His neutral-element attacks are also very strong. Despite his main element being Fire, however, he is actually weak to Fire.


Local Bully


  • Bernard's initials spell BAD, which is a nod to his antagonistic characteristics.